Breach Assessments

Our Breach Assessment service is designed to address concerns that attackers may be active in an environment, or to assist companies that want to do periodic checks for malicious activities. If you sense your company is being targeted, have disgrunted staff, or simply want to discover shadow IT in your environment, our Breach Assessment service may be right for you.

We can use your tools if you already have a mature security stack, and/or we deploy various technologies to gain visibility and monitor activity over a set time. We work with you to ensure there’s visibility on endpoints and the network, and collect information for a few weeks. Iterative threat hunts combined with other techniques we won’t publish here are used in effort to root out unauthorized activities. Breach Assessments are project based and have a defined start and end. Upon conclusion of the project, we’ll share any findings with you, or show our work if threats were not discovered. We’ll note any visibility gaps that you may want to address long term that would provide improved telemetry for detecting threats.