Physical Red Team

Physical Red Teaming engagements challenge your office’s security controls and processes.

Whether you have dedicated office space, or lease a subset of a skyscraper, IntrusionOps can challenge your physical security effectiveness and security procedures.

Our team performs extensive reconnaissance to obtain floor plans, vendor relationships, and identify security measures in place, and devises a ruse. The ruse may involve impersonating a trusted contractor, pretending to be an employee’s guest, or other means to gain entry into buildings. Once in the building, the team attempts to clone staff ID cards, access sensitive materials, and work along with the digital Red Team to plug-in drop boxes to give remote Red Teamer members network access.

Upon completion of this exercise, IntrusionOps staff will conduct a site survey with the client’s physical security staff and note strengths and areas of improvement that are documented in the draft report.

Physical Red Team projects involve some planning up front to reduce legal risks, but once the parameters are agreed upon, this exercise is typically completed over a couple of days and usually involves two IntrusionOps team members.

IntrusionOps team has experience with law enforcement, US prison systems, power plants, and stays up to date on the latest WiFi and RFID attacks, truly simulating pragmatic attacks criminals may use to gain physical access to your offices.